The new to the industry training program that your real estate career aspirations deserve.


Built from the ground up


Led by dedicated staff


Results that speak loudly


87% of Agents Fail Within 5 Years

Statistic from the National Association of Realtors

Lack of Training

The common brokerage model lacks the resources to build a high-quality training program. New agents either don't get the training they need or have to find and pay for it.

Lack of Support

The common brokerage model is built on agent count so the support staff to agent ratio is generally very low. New agents are often left without guidance to find their own way.

When you are selected for john greene Realtor's FLIGHT Training Program you will have all the resources you need to launch a successful career.


Proven Results


Since 2010, new agents who have gone through john greene Realtor's FLIGHT training program go on to outperform the average agent by 500%

Source MRED: Average Agent Closed Volume Data

Our Solution

We resolved to fix the industry's problem with new agent success by building a world-class training program we call Flight.

Dedicated Instructors

We have a team of new agent instructors whose job is to ensure new agent success.


Our Certified Field Trainer program and Agent-2-Agent support group provides access to mentorship from the industry's best agents.

Unlimited Training

Marketing, MLS, Skillz, Tech, and more. Our training calendar is always full.


Whether you prefer large, small, or 1-on-1 coaching, we provide it...without an additional price tag.


To launch your real estate career you will first need to get pre-licensed and pass the state exam. Great news! The same instructors that get our new agents' industry-leading results also teach the pre-license class.


In order to provide the highest level of attention and resources for our new agents, we carefully select our candidates, hiring only about 1 in 5 candidates we meet. We recommend coming to your interview prepared. A resume, a database of contacts, and contact info for personal references are a great start to let our team know that you are not just interested in results, you are committed to them.


Once you are accepted for the FLIGHT program your training begins. Flight School is our intensive four-week training course that teaches you all the fundamentals you need to successfully represent a buyer or seller through the process. After graduating from FLIGHT School, you will be enrolled in Emerge, our business-building instruction on how to successfully attract clients and grow your business.

Are You Ready to Take Flight?

Give your real estate career the launch it deserves. 

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