A Refreshing Alternative

Now you don't have to sell before you buy...


Buy Now, Sell Later

It's good to have options, and when you work with john greene Realtor, that is exactly what you have. Now, you can choose to secure and move into your new dream home before you worry about selling your current home.


You are in charge of the process and timeline, move in to your new home at your pace.


No more worrying about home preparation and living in a home while showings are going on.


Shopping with a non-contingent offer puts you in a strong position to score your dream home.


No worrying about being homeless or caught in the dreaded "double move".

A Simple 3 Step Process

How It Works

1. Apply

See if your home qualifies for the program. If it does we'll provide a non-contingent-approval, equity advance for the new home, and cover up to 6 months of rent.

2. Buy

Home shop without the stress of a deadline, negotiate from a position of strength and move into your new home.

3. Sell

Once you are closed on your new home, turn around and sell your current home in its best light without the hassle of living in it.

Want to Buy First?

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