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Selling This Summer: The 4 Quickest Storage Solutions


Selling This Summer: The 4 Quickest Storage Solutions

Briana Perrino-Barrett

Briana oversees our marketing department and provides one-on-one coaching sessions and regular training on our internal marketing technology and best ...

Briana oversees our marketing department and provides one-on-one coaching sessions and regular training on our internal marketing technology and best ...

Jul 15 5 minutes read

If you’ve been thinking about selling, it may be time to speed up that decision. Low inventory and low mortgage rates are still creating the conditions for a seller’s market this season. When homes hit the market, they generally go fast.

While this is great news for potential sellers, there’s something that may be in the way of being able to jump into the market — literally. We’re talking about stuff in your home. Whether you’re dealing with decades’ worth of memories or just the everyday pile-ups that pop up in rooms (and in closets), clutter can complicate the selling process.

For one, clutter makes it difficult to even think about selling due to just how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be to deal with. Second, clutter makes rooms feel smaller and overwhelms buyers so that even in a hot market, your home may not get what it’s truly worth. Third, clutter is just a pain to move.

The best solution to all of the above is the simplest: Put (most of) it in a storage unit and get it out of your way. To make it even easier, opt for an offsite storage pickup service. Typically, these companies drop off a big storage container to you and then pick it up when you’re finished to store it in their facility. Other companies simply pick up your boxes to store in their own offsite facility. When you need your stuff, the company delivers it to your new home.

Here’s an overview of a few of the more popular services:


You’ve probably seen the big PODS-branded white containers in driveways around your neighborhood before. There are different sized PODS available, ranging from ones small enough for a studio’s worth of items all the way up to a two-bedroom home. (If your home is larger, you may need to arrange for multiple PODS.) When you’re done, the company picks up the PODS container and stores it in one of their offsite facilities or brings it to your new place. Good to know: You may need to get a permit to “park” a PODS container.


Similar to PODS, U-Haul U-Box drops off standalone containers to your driveway so you can pack at your pace. You can arrange for the U-Boxes to be delivered to U-Haul’s offsite storage facility or your new home. However, the main difference is that U-Boxes are all standard size (U-Haul states that each can hold about a room’s worth of items.)


The appropriately-named service doesn’t drop off a big container. Instead, they’ll pick up your packed boxes, furniture, and other items. Packing help is also available, where Clutter’s professional movers will basically do all the work for you. If you’re more of a DIY-type, you can also drop off your items at one of their facilities. Clutter catalogs your items with a photo inventory, so you can select exactly what you need when it’s time to arrange for delivery.

Amenity Moving & Storage

Voted highest in quality by Yelp and Angie’s List, Amenity Moving & Storage has got you covered when it comes time to move! They have been servicing Illinois for over 30 years and offer local and long-distance moving services, large-item moving, storage, and packing services. Amenity Moving & Storage takes the time to learn all they can about their customers so they can apply their knowledge and skillset to help save them money, effort, and time. If you are looking for a consistent and focused company to help you move, look no further!

Boerman Moving & Storage

Whether you are moving locally or moving out of state, Boerman Moving & Storage is here to help. They have been helping families move locally and long-distance since 1926 all while providing a stress-free experience. They also offer short and long-term storage. Their Contain Away/Self Storage is the perfect way to pack up your belongings in an efficient and timely manner. They offer delivery of the storage unit and pick up, so you don’t have to worry about renting any trucks. You will also have full access to your items when you need them. Work with the best and plan your next move with the help of Chicagoland’s Premier Movers, Boerman Moving & Storage!

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