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Best Tacos in Naperville


Best Tacos in Naperville

Briana Perrino-Barrett

Briana oversees our marketing department and provides one-on-one coaching sessions and regular training on our internal marketing technology and best ...

Briana oversees our marketing department and provides one-on-one coaching sessions and regular training on our internal marketing technology and best ...

Jul 15 6 minutes read

Are you looking for the best tacos in town? Whether you are looking for vegetarian tacos, pork tacos, steak tacos, or fish tacos – Naperville has it all! Below we have gathered just a few of our favorite taco spots using only the freshest ingredients and boldest flavors.


A restaurant by Bien Trucha Group, Quiubo offers authentic Mexican flavors in a modern, seasonal way in a one-of-a-kind, upbeat atmosphere. Some of their delicious taco options include Bien Trucha (grilled skirt steak, chorizo, chihuahua, roasted tomatillo-serrano salsa), Pescado (crispy beer battered tilapia, red cabbage, onion tomato, lime, chipotle-morita aioli), and Aguacate (fried avocado, pineapple pico de gallo, aioli). Click here for the full list of options!

Located at 120 Water Street, Suite 122 in downtown Naperville. They offer delivery, pick-up, and dine-in.

Taco Madre

Taco Madre is inspired by the raw ingredients found in Mexican fare mixed with world flavors! Living by the phrase “mi casa es su casa”, they treat their guests like family, and they believe the recipe to great food involves the ingredients + the amount of love you put into the meal. They offer some of the best authentic Mexican street tacos and upscale fusion tacos around! Some of their flavorful taco options include Chilango (grilled steak + chorizo w/jalapeño-caramelized onion + melted cheese), Korean BBQ (thinly sliced BBQ beef + kimchi-Asian slaw, radish, cilantro), and Taco Madre (sauteed Mexican squash w/ grilled corn + fire-roasted poblano peppers, fresco cheese + epazote). Click here to see the other taco options they have available!

Located at 790 Royal St George Drive, #116 in Naperville. You can now order directly through them on their website. They also have online ordering through ChowNow, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Fire It Up

Fire up your taste buds at Fire It Up Taco Fusion Grill! They use fresh, locally sourced, and organic ingredients all while adding their own unique twist to the mix. Some of their tasty taco options include the Blackened Fish Taco (wild-caught grilled Alaskan cod, Napa cabbage, house-made guacamole aioli and organic tomato), Southwest Chicken Taco (organic chicken, roasted poblano/tomatillo salsa, organic spring mix, and house-made southwest sauce), and Asian Taco (braised all-natural pork, Napa cabbage, house-made spicy soy-ginger sauce, and pickled red onion). Click here to check out their other delicious taco options!

Located at 1523 North Aurora Road, Suite 107 in Naperville. They offer dine-in and online ordering.

Fat Rosie’s

Fat Rosie’s is a fun and festive family-friendly Mexican Taqueria featuring a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine. Featured on the Cooking Channel’s Food Paradise, this hip spot offers the most delicious Mexican fare and craft cocktails in an enjoyable, vibrant setting. If you are looking for a unique yet delectable taco, Fat Rosie’s is the place to go! Some of their taco options include the Salmón (grilled Alaskan salmon topped with tropical pico de gallo & crispy onions, drizzled with chipotle aioli), Camarones (sautéed Tiger shrimp topped with arugula & pickled red onions, drizzled with jalapeño-garlic aioli), and Coliflor Frita (crispy battered cauliflower topped with tomatillo jam, toasted Marcona almonds, red onion, cilantro, queso fresco, and fresno peppers). Click here for the full list of options!

Located at 47 E. Chicago Avenue in downtown Naperville. They offer dine-in and curbside pick-up. They also have online ordering through DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Burrito Parrilla Mexicana

Create the perfect taco at Burrito Parrilla Mexicana! They believe that a great Mexican dish is an experience and not just a meal. They only use fresh ingredients and bold flavors to create their masterpieces while adding in a little of their own unique flair. Their authentic tacos come with Monterey jack cheese and lettuce, or onions and cilantro, with your choice of fresh flour or soft 100% corn tortillas. Some of their protein and veggie options for the tacos include carnitas, chorizo, grilled veggies, and grilled steak. Click here to see all the taco options!

Located at 820 E. Ogden Avenue and 5059 Ace Lane in Naperville. They offer dine-in and online ordering for pick-up or delivery. They also have online ordering through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Totopos Mexican Restaurant

Voted the “Best Mexican Restaurant in Naperville” on Yelp, Totopos Mexican Restaurant offers authentic, homemade Mexican fare using quality ingredients. If you want true, authentic tacos, try their Compadre Tacos. You receive three corn tortilla tacos filled with either steak, seasoned chicken, seasoned pork, barbacoa, or Mexican sausage, topped with Mexican (onion and cilantro) or Tex-Mex (lettuce and tomato) flavors. You also receive a side of rice and beans, and you have the option to make the order vegetarian.

Located at 2048 Aurora Avenue, Suite 120 in Naperville. They offer delivery through Uber Eats and Grubhub.

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